Richard Beaumont

Global Ambassador

If I could change one thing in the world it would be to provide more support to people who are vulnerable and exploited, giving them a hand-up and providing them with life’s most basic necessities.

I love Entrust because we work with the world’s poorest and get 100% of donor’s funds, to those who need it most.

As co-founder and former CEO of Entrust, I am now their Global Ambassador, working with people in the USA, Asia and Australasia who want to help, but are not sure how to do it and who to trust! I am passionate about helping those that have, to share their generosity with those who need help. I am able to offer support, advice, and even to take friends overseas, to see the needs and meet the people we help. I am really a “dot joiner” – fostering effective relationships at all levels.

I have been married to Julie for 48 years and we have two grown sons. It has been my privilege to have spent the majority of my life looking after the poor and the oppressed – doing what Jesus asked us to do. I charge my batteries by sailing, caravanning, travelling and spending time with close friends, sharing great food, great company and an Aussie shiraz!