Richard Beaumont

Co-CEO & Board Director

If I could change one thing in the world it would be to stop the sexual exploitation of the poor, especially children.

At Entrust it excites me that we have the opportunity to really help the world’s poorest, giving them hope for a better future by lifting them out of poverty and helping them to help themselves.

I lead the Entrust team, am a member of the Board, help invest our capital in order to cover our costs, work with the wealthy to encourage and facilitate generosity and am a mentor to our local and overseas partners. I am really a “dot joiner” – fostering effective relationships at all levels.

As a person who seeks to follow the teachings of Jesus – I strive to love others more than myself and look after the poor and oppressed. I am engaged in my local Church community and recharge my batteries by caravanning, sailing and snow skiing, all of which involve time with my wife, our sons and faithful friends over coffee, food and good wine!