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Creative Childrens’ Club - Year 2








45.7 million

Human Dev Index:

#166 (Aus #5)
Budget $

Fully Funded

Project Timeline


This is year two of a three-year project to fund the running of 21 (growing to 26) childrens’ clubs in Mbale,  now catering to over 3,000 children and expecting to grow to 4,000 children over the three years.  The funding provides a small subsidy and in-kind stipends to the teachers of the club, allows the teams to host meetings with parents and provide special guidance and counselling days on topics of relevance to the children.  It will also allow our implementers to offer further training and development to the teachers and to reach out to the older children who have ‘graduated’ from the childrens’ clubs but who have nothing to take its place and few positive adult role models who can assist in the difficult youth years.  Finally each club runs a ‘store’ where children can ‘purchase’ educational and hygiene items using vouchers collected over the course of the year – this project will allow the stores to continue and to stock additional useful items which the children cannot access otherwise.

Why support this

This project comes out of a deep understanding of the needs in the local community.  It is aiming to provide children with positive role models, assistance where possible and safe places to play and be a child.  It also seeks to teach them valuable life lessons, which will assist in efforts to break intergenerational poverty.  Not only that, but the whole family is involved, and through the children our partners also seek to empower their parents.


Year two of this project comes to $19,570, which is approximately $6 a child for a year!  This covers training, teacher stipends, stores and outreach to parents.

Objectives Include

  • Mbale and Mt Elgon are extremely poor areas of Uganda.  
  • Nearly half of Uganda’s population is under 15, meaning adult role models are few and far between. 
  • Families are large and parents are largely absent due to the need to work long hours to survive. 
  • In one of the slums where our partners run these clubs alcoholism and drug abuse among adults is a large problem. 
  • Children are growing up with little adult input and are left to navigate life’s choices without strong foundations.

Expected Life Change

  • Children provided with encouragement, training and guidance as well as safe fun places.
  • Youth and young adults are mentored and encouraged to make wise life choices.
  • Families are provided with information which can improve their health and life.
Project Code: UGA-JEN-CCM-P02

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