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Shielding Sons and Daughters - South East Asia






Combatting Trafficking


276.8 million

Human Dev Index:

#114 (Aus #5)
Budget $

Fully Funded

Project Timeline


‘Shield’ has been established to help protect vulnerable children in S.E. Asia.  Trafficking of children and teenagers for sex and cheap labor is a scourge on all societies. Sadly, children who come from the poorest backgrounds are particularly vulnerable to traffickers, pedophiles and opportunists.

Why support this

Many people have a heart to help, but not all understand the security issues and dangers of assisting those who are trafficked.  We are dealing with organized crime and part of these funds will be used to equip and train other like-minded organisations, improving their efficiencies and ultimately helping more children. This training not only ensures best practice is adopted, but that the security culture within organisations is strengthened and different NGO's are encouraged to collaborate with each other in order to maximise efficiency.


Cost for the remainder of 2018 - $50,000

Objectives Include

  • This organisation exists to bring joy to children living in extreme circumstances, by providing safe environments for them to play and discover the world.
  • These funds will be used to build and maintain safe houses and aftercare facilities for survivors of sex-trafficking as well as equip and empower anti-human trafficking organisations around the world.  
  • The aftercare given includes social workers, psychologists, nurses, teachers and counsellors from South-East Asia, the UK, Australia and the USA. 
  • This will be available to the victims for as long as is needed to bring the survivors back to society. 
  • This includes equipping and training them for future meaningful work.

Expected Life Change

  • Victims of trafficking will be provided safe homes in which to live.
  • The children will be given after-care and support through their trauma.
  • Other organisations will receive training and be safer and more efficient as a result.
Project Code: WYG-AUS-SSD-P18

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