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A future for outcasts - Year 2, Indore, India








1.424 billion

Human Dev Index:

#132 (Aus #5)
Budget $

Fully Funded

Project Timeline


This is the second of a five year project which will establish a government-accredited primary school in a snake charmers’ community and pay a decreasing amount of the school’s running costs each year until the school becomes self-sufficient.  Children in this community do not currently attend school and their families are desperate to provide them with an education.  The school will be an English language school further opening up opportunities for the students.

Why support this

The men in this community are the real drivers behind this project.  They have sourced land for the school and the community leader is determined to ensure that all children attend class.  We love the passion of these men to improve the lives of their children.  We appreciate our partners thoroughness in planning from the beginning to register the school with the government, and to achieve financial sustainability.


The total budget over five years is $50,000, with the second year’s budget being $10,000.  This will provide for rent for the school building, school uniforms, salaries for teachers and books and materials.

Objectives Include

  • Snake charmers are members of the dalits, the untouchables, and live an extremely poor life.  
  • Now that snake charming is illegal, their main source of income has been shut off, further increasing their poverty.  
  • The children from the community are not welcome at other schools, nor can they afford the fees, so they spend their days just wandering around on the street.  
  • Without an education they have no chance to break the chains of inter-generational poverty.

Expected Life Change

  • Education for children, opening up career paths and pathways out of poverty
  • Self-respect for the community, who have worked hard to get a school for their children
  • Improved health, as the school will also offer health and hygiene education
Project Code: IND-YMI-SCS-P02

Project reports