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Divine Care School








45.7 million

Human Dev Index:

#166 (Aus #5)
Budget $

Fully Funded

Project Timeline


Divine Care Primary School is located in Mbale, eastern Uganda. With no government funding, the school is unable to run on the minimal student fees it charges each child.  Many families have difficulty paying even this small charge, and each year students are forced to withdraw from schooling for financial reasons. In addition to this, the school needs to add in additional classrooms to reduce overcrowding.   The project aims to help finish building the school and also create income generating possibilities which can benefit both the school but also the wider community through using the school facilities to train up community members in vocational and business skills.

Why support this

We like the fact that this project is not just about completing school buildings, but is about improving the quality of education through better buildings, getting a better result for the children of this community.  It’s also about making the school more sustainable, able to raise it’s own income and where necessary waive school fees so poorer children don’t have to drop out.  Providing community members with income generation skills is a final way our partners are working to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty and improve the lives of all involved.

Objectives Include

  • This is a poor community, and school fees are set to allow as many as possible to attend the school. 
  • However, with no government funding, these fees are not enough for the school to function.

Expected Life Change

  • Increased access to education for the local children.
  • Ability to earn an income, reducing poverty.
  • Increased self-esteem for community members as they support themselves and send their children to school.
Project Code: UGA-JEN-DCS-N01

Project reports