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Handicraft Seed Funding






Economic Empowerment


69.8 million

Human Dev Index:

#66 (Aus #5)
Budget $

Fully Funded

Project Timeline


This project provides seed funding for the “Roy Rak Creative”, a small but innovative jewellery making project that provides stable employment for women as a real alternative to prostitution or involvement in other illegal activities.  The funding provided will set the women up with sufficient stock and an initial small salary for three months, to give them the opportunity to get on their feet and become self-sufficient.  Once the business is established it will self-fund, enabling the ladies to continue providing for themselves and their families.

Why support this

Entrust has a high regard for these implementing partners, having worked with them on other seed funding.  Projects funded in the past are continuing to this day!  We like the focus on providing fair working conditions and empowering women to enter business and break free from poverty and the mind-set which proclaims that an illegal lifestyle is their only option.  We like the fact that this work will be carried out in the Klong Toey slum community and will model to others that it is possible to organise life and business differently – in a fair and equitable manner which recognises the unique talents each person possesses.

Objectives Include

  • The women involved in this Creative live in the largest slum in Thailand. 
  • Employment opportunities outside of illegal activities are rare, and the women all lack the confidence necessary, to try for employment outside the slum where they suffer discrimination due to the location of their homes.
  • There is a need to demonstrate to not only these women, but those living around them in Klong Toey that there are alternatives, and these alternatives can pay well enough to live.

Expected Life Change

  • Empowered women, who can transform their families.
  • A working example to an entire community, with flow-on benefits.
  • International buyers gain a greater understanding of fair trade, and an ability to make wise choices.
Project Code: THA-UNO-RRB-D01

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