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Slum Development - Bridging School - Year 1








1.424 billion

Human Dev Index:

#132 (Aus #5)
Budget $

Fully Funded

Project Timeline


This project will fund the start up and first year of operations for a bridging school in a slum area in Indore, India. The idea of the school is to prepare slum children to enter a Government School, and to provide health and hygiene education to the students, and through them to the wider slum community. The school will be set up in the slum in land donated by the community, and will also serve as a base to undertake health and hygiene work with the wider community.

Why support this

Our implementing partners have worked with the community to identify what the community sees as its most pressing needs. The community itself has requested a bridging school and is actively participating through providing the land for the school. The school will be run by a community based organisation set up by our partners and the community leaders.


This budget will provide for a school start up and stationery, 2 teachers and a livelihood skill educator, a number of health camps and hygiene seminars and school bags, uniforms and books for the children.

Objectives Include

  • Children in this slum are currently not going to school and would not get into a government school straight from the slum.
  • By providing a bridging school and giving the children a school bag and books, our implementing partner is preparing these children to enter school.
  • The bridging school will provide basic education and help the children ‘learn the ropes’ or what is expected during the school day.
  • Hygiene is poor throughout the slum, mostly due to lack of knowledge and poor infrastructure.
  • Using the school space to host hygiene education activities will spread project benefits throughout the community.

Expected Life Change

  • The children of Anuradha slum will be empowered through basic elementary education.
  • Children will be able to enter the Government school which will provide further education and an opportunity to break the cycle of poverty.
  • Slum children and Community health conditions will be improved through the regular health and hygiene awareness programs.
  • Community members will learn skills which can assist them in gaining (better) employment.
Project Code: IND-YMI-SBS-N01

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